Monday, June 20, 2011


"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful."

~Annette Funicello

Life is not perfect. It is made up of many moments that are far from it. But aren't they somehow imperfectly perfect?

Tufts of hair landing in the eyes of a frowny baby face who isn't getting her way- again. Time to correct and hide a smile at the same time. Imperfect perfect.

Being sick for days-- completely stuck in bed. And yet the kids are good. And there is time to consider bigger things. Imperfect perfect.

Telling my kids my all time most embarrasing moment (for the third time in a weekend- as if they've never heard it) just so they can laugh at the twelve year old version of me. Imperfect perfect.

Asking my daughter what to do if a fire alarm goes off in a building only to hear her reply confidently: "Stop, drop and roll!" Ya- she is a goner. Imperfect perfect.

Watching my husband break every child labor law; forcing the kids to work outside in the heat. "They'll appreciate it later" he states confidently. Imperfect perfect.

Waiting far longer than we planned outside of Starbucks while the kids watch their daddy share the gospel and pray with a lost young man. Well, that one just somehow felt perfect- but I didn't have a tract to hand him. Imperfect perfect.

I pray that you will enjoy the imperfect perfect moments of today! Life will never be perfect, but it can be wonderful.

With joy,

If you are struggling as a mom today, be sure to read this article. It is fantastic.


  1. Thank you! What my heart needed to hear today! Looking for those imperfect perfect moments!

  2. Imperfect perfect....perfect! Life is full of those moments it seems. Thanks for sharing as always my friend!

    Happy First Day of Summer to you!
    Lots of love,

  3. Well said my friend. The imperfect perfect. Well said!

    Kelly K

  4. so helpful Rebecca! Many times, what we see on blogs/facebook makes the lives of others look "more perfect" than our own. The enemy can discourage us with this as we look around, tempted to compare. God is glorified when we humbly state our imperfections and still choose contentment in our circumstances. I appreciate you and your blog ministry...well, it's a ministry to me. :)

  5. Amen Kimberly- and thank you! I agree- the enemy seeks to use pride to discourage the brethren. I hope I do not give him a foothold here! The only perfect is Christ, amen?