Thursday, March 28, 2013


The world exalts perfection.  Women especially feel the push toward perfect bodies, perfect homes and perfect lives.  In this environment, there are times that we look at ourselves and those around us with an eagle eye and are too quick to notice the imperfect rather than the progress or the potential.

It's not that we should not deal with sin.  The Scripture is clear that God exalts truth above feelings.  But as we live in a society of disposable everything we need to renew our thinking and consider how Jesus sees us.

Are we being too hard on ourselves?    

"A bruised reed He will not break,
and smoking flax He will not quench..."

~Matthew 12:20

When those verses were written, a reed would be used by shepherds to fashion a small musical instrument.  If a reed was cracked or damaged, it was considered useless- disposable.

A smoldering wick was also useless.  We can relate to that.  When a candle wick no longer gives light, but still smokes, our temptation is to quickly put it out altogether.  The smoke can quickly be annoying to those of us looking on.

Christ sees the brokenness in us as clearly as we see smoke coming from a candle wick.  But He sees in that smoke something more.  He sees the glimmer of light that the rest of us miss.  And He works to restore and rekindle such people.  He does not break or quench them.

As we have been reading through the book of Matthew as a family again, this illustration of Christ, which was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, has made a deep impression on us.

How often do I see a bruised reed or a smoldering wick and turn my back, judging the person to be "useless" to the Lord?

How often am I far less compassionate to my own or my children's failings than Christ is?  

Christ was tender to the lowliest of the lost.  He came not to gather the strong for a political revolution as some thought, but to show mercy to the weak.

The verse continues:

"Till He sends forth justice to victory;
And in His name Gentiles will trust."

~ Matthew 12:20-21

How lovely that we can trust the Lord.  He not only saves us, but He keeps us.  He fans us when we are merely smoldering and He heals us when we are bruised and feeling quite useless.  

Let's not be harder on ourselves or others than Christ would be.  Let's pray for smoldering wicks around us.  Isn't His compassion contagious?

May you be blessed as you celebrate His sacrifice and resurrection this week!


Photos:  Hailey LOVES fish!  Every trip to WalMart reminds her that there are fish to watch somewhere in that store and could we please go and find them?  Being the proud owner of her own fish, she had been wondering for several days if I might be able to take a photo with she and her pet.  I thought a mason jar might be the easiest way to do that so she could hold her little friend.    :) 


  1. Love that cute pic of Hailey!

    I was just sharing with one of mine that it is so easy to be hard on ourselves for the little things. To be tempted to not speak even lest you might say the wrong thing. She was very comforted to know that we all have struggled with this from time to time.

    Liz R

  2. Thanks Liz!

    It is wise to see ourselves through Christ's compassionate eyes rather than comparing ourselves to others. But at times we forget.

    I also want my family to see others through Christ's eyes as well. Praying for those who might seem a lost cause. :)