Monday, March 11, 2013


We're just back from a weekend away!
I haven't even looked at the cards on my camera yet, but thought these few from my cell phone were fun.  High points from our weekend included: 
  • Roller skating (mostly because I didn't fall down);
  • Homemade birthday cards and notes- these touch my heart like nothing else;
  • Breakfast on the patio.  Breakfast burritos with eggs, tater tots, turkey sausage, pepper jack cheese and Tapitio (serious yum!);
  • Time to sun our toes by the pool;
  • and just time to be together. 
Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  See you soon! 


  1. So this is a random question but it's one I would love your perspective on. I always love to reading your posts and have gained so much godly wisdom through your blog.

    How do you handle skirts vs pants in your household? We have been a skirt/dress only family for several years. However, we are not against pants. We just know there is a fine line between modest and immodest . Our daughters are young 6, and under but I do have 2 step daughters (who don't live with us) who are 13 and 11 and need some guidance when it comes to dressing modestly in pants. I would also like to open the door to allowing myself and my girls to wear pants (my husband is actually the one who encouraged it) but I just don't know how to really go about it. I know what is modest on one might be immodest on another. How do you decide where to wear skirts and where to wear pants? I know these seem like silly elementary questions but it's probably been almost 5 years since I have worn pants, other than PJs. : )

  2. Hello Emily!

    I completely understand your question because our family was also skirts/dresses only for years. And while we still love dresses and skirts, it was a purposeful decision to begin to add capris and pants to our wardrobe. It was one that felt a little awkward at first actually, but here is what motivated us.

    1. First we did not really feel that we had Scripture to back up skirts only. While it is absolutely fine to simply prefer skirts and dresses as a family, we were concerned that over time we (us specifically) may have been adding something to what God commanded in the minds of our children and creating an "us" and "them" feeling within the Body. We were not sure we were doing those things, but we wanted to be sure that we were teaching and following actual Scripture, loving the Body and challenging the culture with the gospel and not rules we had made up.

    We knew that God called us to be modest and feminine (not stumbling a brother and not pertaining to clothing that belongs to a man). But did that mean skirts only? Truth was my husband wouldn't be caught dead wearing capris or women's pants, so those were probably going to be an ok option for us.

    We made up the neck down test. We ask our girls to ask themselves 1. Could we stumble a brother with what we are wearing? and 2. If someone could see us only from the neck down, would they know we are girls (are we being feminine?) or could they think we are boys/men? We want to embrace our God designed differences and that is our general measuring stick to see how we are doing in that area.

    2. Next, there are activities that may be physically safer and more modest to wear capris or jeans. For example, climbing a climbing wall, jumping rope and riding a bike may be difficult to do safely and modestly in a skirt. Each family has the choice not to do those activities of course, but we have opted (with my husband's input and blessing) to enjoy the activities and simply make clothing adjustments. There are occasions when younger girls may simply wear leggings under their skirts to slide down slides, jump on trampolines etc. and times when they may need to wear capris or pants.

    In addition to our clothing we want our girls to understand that true modesty is an issue that flows out of the heart. A girl in a skirt could be very immodest, while a girl in pants could radiate true biblical modesty. And that we love all believers- whether they are pants only or skirts only.

    It took us time to work through these issues. They did not resolve in a day. But our goal to seek humility guides us to continue to check the heart in this and other areas.

    Hope this helps!