Thursday, May 16, 2013


Faith turned 16.  To celebrate we went out to lunch and on a

mommy and daughter shopping date.

This is what she loves.  To be behind the camera, capturing friends and family; creating godly stories and editing.

Michaela turned 14.  To celebrate we went to Chuck E. Cheese

and played lots of games.

Her pocketful of gospel tracts shows what she loves.  Talking to people about

the Lord wherever she goes.

Hailey turned 5.  To celebrate we went to a market day that our friends were

hosting.  It was like a sweet carnival with tickets, treats and face paint.

This is what she loves- family.  And apparently- lollipops.  :)

Our friend, Conner at the Market Day bobbing for apples.

To celebrate our girls, our sweet friends bought them amazing gourmet cupcakes.

Sarah got to fill in at the salon booth and paint nails.  I think this is the booth she

will want to do next year.

Hailey's Auntie Liz painted faces.

And at home we had our standard birthday fare- donuts instead of cake.  

On another note, the girls had the most amazing opportunity to begin horse

lessons a few months ago.  It has felt like a dream.

Their instructor is not only supremely skilled in what she does, but the most loving,

godly mama you would ever hope to have influencing your children.

For years the girls hoped to ride horses.  God's timing has been perfect.

We are feeling very blessed.

Well, between allergies, sickness and busyness I thought I might never get through my photos from April.  I am feeling like this was a small accomplishment.  Hope you are having a lovely Spring!

God's blessings to you,


  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely ladies! I loved seeing all their different preferences for celebrating their day :-)
    Congratulations on the riding lessons! We too have had the wonderful opportunity of taking lessons after waiting for several years! God is so good :-) Right now it is just myself and the older girls but I hope that Liam and Rowan will enjoy them too in a year or so.

    Have a lovely day my friend,
    Lots of love,

  2. those cupcakes looks soooo yummy :-) Lots of birthday, loving it!

  3. Beautiful photos as always Rebecca! How wonderful that your girls have been able to have horse riding lessons. :)
    Happy birthday to all your birthday girls! I remember that Hailey was born shortly before my little William.. he is counting down to his 5th birthday as well (7 sleeps!). Isn't it such a tender age? :)
    Much love, Saminda x

  4. What sweet birthdays, so thoughtful and fitting for each birthday girl. It is great to see all of those smiling faces!

    Mmmm....The Harder's like the Jones family tradition of donuts instead of cake. What fun!

  5. My oldest would LOVE to take horse riding lessons! We just finished reading Misty and then we watched the movie. A fun horse story and fun to compare movie and book.