Sunday, June 9, 2013


It was a long, quiet week.  The calendar which had been full was cleared as one by one our family came down with the flu.  Mattresses were pulled out into the family room and we all camped out.  First there was Mama and one camper, then two... and eventually everyone was together watching movies and resting.  Can you guess what the girls are watching here? 

There is always a reason to give thanks I reminded myself and I truly was thankful for my health so that I could serve as chief nurse, house cleaner and disinfector (not that the disinfecting seemed to help very much).  :) 


I was also thankful that during the quiet hours, as I was waiting for my little friends to recover, I had the opportunity to do several projects that I simply haven't had the time to tackle.  This included giving the rocking goose a distressed paint job so he would match the family room again. 

Finding a home for this thrifted little pillow I found the week before.  Really?  A burlap pillow with a little girl silhouette?  Even before I found out it was $1.99 I was smitten!

And a home for this sweet sign.  Thankful for my friend who knows that I love vintage cameras and picked this up as a "just because" gift for me.  Thank you, Lisa!  

And finally a chance to update the chalk board which has said, "He is Risen!" since March. 

Hoping you are enjoying a beautiful week.



  1. Love all the decorating updates, *sorry* you all had the flu! It was a nasty one! Love the new look for the rocking're welcome. :o)

  2. Oh! rebecca! I hear your heart! This winter we had strep throat in our home for THREE months! That was followed by mono and several colds. :( We camped out. And the Lord showed us so much! ENjoy your quiet time!!! And I hope ya'll are better now. :)

  3. Lisa,

    I am sorry you had it too! Thank you, sweet friend.

  4. Oh, my friend at Too Many Kids! Three months? Amen, it can be hard to be still, but it can be good. :)

  5. Oh YES!!!!! We had nearly 5 months of being in a quiet place!!! But my, what lessons I learned. :) We are just coming out of it. And I pray that the Lord would always keep those lessons I learned before my eyes. :)