Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Do you ever see a glimmer in one of your children when a certain skill is being demonstrated and wonder if God will develop that into something someday?

In my case, I had no clue about this one, but looking back I can see it.

Our family has always tried to supply our children with tools, rather than only toys in the hopes that they would learn to contribute rather than simply consume.

So I saw her excited giggle to get a camera that could do video at five.  I watched the hours upon hours she would spend making stop motion video shorts with her sisters at seven. I was there in the audience to watch the Thanksgiving plays she had written and watched her direct her sisters and cousins as they made movies about cowboys bringing the gospel and knights fighting off evil. As she got older and my husband bought the girls editing software, I watched her offer to video friends and church events, then work to gain speed and accuracy in her video editing skills.  And last year, I saw her write, costume and cast her friends. Her requested birthday present at 15? To make a film patterned after one of her Lamplighter books. 

Remember this?  Making Zuma and the Secret of Peru

Ya, I think this glimmer is here to stay.

Faith at work, directing a scene on the riverboat

This summer, under the authority of her father and our pastor*, she wrote and directed an adventurous short film called The Underground Railroad that she plans to submit to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Although set in 1857, just after the outrageous Dred Scott decision by the Supreme Court, it is really a message that transcends time. 

Fantastic props by the Rafferty family

We are to do the good work set before us and trust God for the results.

The movie follows a family who is faced with a very difficult decision- to continue in ease and safety or to risk everything to assist a desperate boy who needs their help. Their family is fictional, but they bring life to the unknown stories of families and individuals who worked together at the risk of punishment and even death to help men to freedom. The Underground Railroad was made up of everyday people. And although it did not have a central organizing force, they assisted over 100,000 slaves to freedom.

Working on location at the historical Delta King Paddleboat

God has been so gracious in letting us play in this arena of cinematography. And although we had a budget that could just about be rounded down to zero, He provided everything we needed. Costuming; filming locations; equipment and an amazing group of people to work with. We have begun to share some of the behind the scenes stories and photos on Facebook here

Tom leading us in prayer.  Our first day of filming with over 40 extras!

Want to join us?

  • Please go and "like" The Underground Railroad Movie Facebook page to keep up on this project 

  • Please pray on October 24.  That is when we plan to mail in our project into the film festival.  It will be entered in the "Short" category (15 minute time limit) and Faith will compete as a young film maker 

Thanks so much for joining us in this journey. And an extra special thanks if you were one of the ladies that dropped me a note to let me know you were thankful for this blog and were looking forward to hearing from me again soon. You are a blessing. 

And that's a wrap!



*  Skills under authority are important to us as we bring up girls.  We desire to raise young ladies who are subject to the authorities over them, while still allowing them to gain skills that may someday be a blessing to their future husband and family.  Want a book to inspire you in this area?  You may enjoy Preparing to be a Helpmeet.  While our family personally disagrees with sending our girls alone into foreign mission fields (which this book recommends) we don't feel there is any reason to throw the baby out with the bath water.  This resource is fantastic if you want to encourage teen girls to grow skills and contribute in their communities, rather than sit around and wait for Prince Charming.   ;)



  1. What an excellent adventure! I pray that the Lord blesses Faith in all that she does. May this short film bring glory to God and I will be praying for His blessings as she submits it to the film festival! I have been seeing a little lady with an eye for photography and we are trying to encourage and boost her in this particular area to see where the Lord leads. Your post was an excellent encouragement to me :-)

  2. This is SO exciting!

    Blessings on this adventure,

  3. All glory be to God. And a box of tissue for me. It's an amazing production! And I can't wait to see what God does with the movie and the skills. - DKE

  4. Outstanding job! To find a glimmer and do such an exceptional job at it, is a gift!

    What a privilege for your entire family.

    I am sure you all are very proud.

    Keep up the good work.