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MEETING HEROES {living waters ministry}

Hailey with her little vintage suitcase and... where did she get those glasses?  :)
Our time away was absolutely amazing.  When we hit the road for Texas we knew that we'd drive a full day, then stop in Southern California for our first overnight.  As people interested in filmmaking, you might think that we would want to see the "Walk of Fame" or Universal Studios, but that could not have been further from our plans.  We do have a few heroes, but ours are not represented there.  In fact, I am pretty sure if someone named the most popular Hollywood star names to our children, they would be met with blank stares.  That's just not our reality.
But when Tom and I told the kids we would try to zip into the Living Waters ministry to purchase a fresh supply of our favorite Bible tracts, you should have seen the excitement from our kiddos! 

The girls outside the Living Waters building

The Living Waters Ministry has long been an encouragement to our family.  We have watched these faithful men open air preach on You Tube (Ray usually open air preaches locally every Saturday from 1-3); we have worked through their evangelism training course as a family and often when we share the gospel or hand out tracts, it is their training and resources that have helped us to reach out to a lost and dying world. 

So... needless to say we were a little excited to be able to visit their store front.  But when we were told that Ray Comfort would come out to meet us- wow!  We could barely contain ourselves.  

Ray treated us like family right off, giving the little ones a stuffed bear (they call them their "Comfort bears"), playing jokes and tricks with us and giving us a tour of the entire facility.    

Ray loves to entertain the kids!  And if he says he has a hang nail, well you'd better believe him!  ;)

What a shot in the arm it was so have him take the time to greet us and share his day.  I am pretty sure that he thought he was in the thick of the Paparazzi as just about every Jones aimed a camera his way, but he was a great sport.  And the kids picked up his accent quickly and repeated phrases that sounded just like Mr. Comfort for the remainder of the day. 

Ray showing the girls some of the moments from a recent project
Ray walked us through their studio and let us see just how they carefully use their resources to best share the truth of God's Word.  Like this studio set up.  With access to the internet, they are able to produce a daily show that tackles the issues of the day and broadcasts to a worldwide audience for very little expense.
You may know that the Living Waters team films a daily show to tackle the issues of the day
If you have seen the daily "On the Box with Ray Comfort" show, this "green screen" set may interest you.  It was amazing to see how much they do with minimal investment.   

We were able to see the studio where the daily "On the Box with Ray Comfort" is shot
One thing we have always been impressed with is how Ray demonstrates love even to those who are blind to the gospel.  He is a lot of fun and treated our girls so very kindly. 

Ray gave the girls little stuffed bears and played games with them
Ray introduced us to those who have been working on the recent Noah and the Last Days movie (watch free here!). 
This film is in response to the Noah film that was just released by Hollywood that stars Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins and debuted at 44 million dollars.  While Director Darren Aronofsky used a few of the Genesis names, he has called his Noah movie "the least biblical film ever made."  Most Christians would agree. 
The Living Waters film, Noah and the Last Days was created to give people an understanding of what really happened; why the Lord sent a worldwide flood and what we must do to be saved.  If you have friends and neighbors seeing the Noah film from Hollywood, you might consider steering them toward this well made production.  Producers ask parents to please preview before allowing children to watch.  

He took us around to meet his talented team and to see their latest film release- Noah
Ray Comfort said this about his film:
  "We hope people will watch Noah-And the Last Days to learn the biblical reason God sent a worldwide Flood and be able to share these truths with those who see the Hollywood version. Rather than providing mere entertainment, we want viewers to consider whether the biblical warning of Noah applies to them today."

After seeing Mark online, it was fantastic to speak with him about what he sees
trending in LA and his role at Living Waters.
We thank the Lord for these men and pray for this ministry team. 

After the tour, Ray gave us their most recent Way of the Master series.  We can't wait to go through it!
Thanks for letting me gush a bit. 
Blessings friends,

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