Tuesday, April 8, 2014



When my little five year old helps me to peel potatoes, am I upset that she is slower at the job than I am or that her peeling strokes are not as long and skilled as someone older? 
No, of course not!
As I hear her chatter away telling me how much she loves me and wants to help, my heart swells.  She apologizes, pointing out that she is still on her first potato while I have already peeled several.  I reassure her that it is her heart that pleases me.  Her motives are good and her effort to do what I want her to do blesses my heart.  She beams and gives me a kiss.
How many times are we like that little potato peeler?  We want to do great things for the Lord, but we feel little and clumsy at the tasks He has given us.
He could probably find someone with much greater skill to do the job He has called us to. 
But just like I do not expect little Hailey to peel the entire pot of potatoes on her own, He is working with us.  In fact, He is doing the bulk of the work—it is God who changes hearts, teaches our children, and grows us.  Me?  I am the one flinging little bits of potato peel all over the floor...  knowing He will also graciously clean my messes and mistakes just like I happily clean up after my “helper.”
Thank you Lord for letting us help.  And thank you for doing the bulk of the work.  We love you for working in us and for causing us to will and do of your good pleasure.      
Your little potato peeler,


  1. Such a timely reminder - thank you! I often tell my girls that I can do it, even when they offer to help! I need to step back and guide them as they learn.