Monday, May 12, 2008

Burger Baskets

I have not been out of the house much since little Hailey arrived, but on Friday I had to go to a doctors appointment and do a quick errand. My wonderful sister Liz and her sweet punkins' accompanied us. I don't even want to think about what I'd do without her!

While we were out we stumbled upon these cute little "Burger baskets."

Target is selling these in their dollar section~ 4 baskets for $1. I bought 3 sets.

We eat very simply when Tom's at work, so I thought these would be fun to jazz up sandwiches and snacks.

The girls love 'em because they are fun, but I love them because they mean no dishes!

You'll see I'm working in my vintage milk bottles too. ; ) Love those!


  1. Super cute! Thanks for the tip. Mike actually left this post up for me to see - he wnats me to pick some up.

  2. You have such fun, creative ideas. I bet my kids would love these if I got them. Thanks for sharing where you found them.

  3. Fun Dana! "I like Mike!" Tom and I were saying that the other day~ it's true AND catchy to say, isn't it?

    Thanks Serena! : ) Enjoying your blog.


  4. Where's the burgers in your burger basket? :) I like these, too. I wonder if my wife will read this and get me some, too.

    Good score, Mike! :)

  5. Glad to hear you're feeling well enough to want burgers Sven!

    Since you're the awesome BBQ'er, I think you should make the burgers and I should bring the baskets. : )

    I almost caught the deck on fire the last time I BBQ'd, so I'm a little fire shy now. Mr. Hector said he goes to lots of houses that burn down because of a BBQ on a deck. Yikes!


  6. Yikes! Glad Mr. Hector didn't give me the thumbs down on my porch BBQ. Must have been me showing him out I shut off the master valve after each use. :)

    Thanks for the compliment, bring over the gang anytime and I'll gladly broil out the goodness of any once living creature. :)

  7. Right, you also probably didn't have burn marks on your deck. : )