Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"We're working on that..."

Some good advice: When I was a young parent I received some good advice. I was told that when my young child would have a difficult time in public I should simply say, "We're working on that" and let it go (for the moment).

It makes sense. Training is something we do in private and if we make the standard excuses for our child- "she's tired" or "she's just shy"- we are just reinforcing an acceptable reason for poor behavior in our children's minds.

I still think that is good advice.

While I was "lifeguarding" today I caught this moment.

As my friends Kendra and Dana are always so graciously reminding others, we often show only the "sunny side" of life, so I thought I'd post this not so sunny moment. We all have them.

And you know, "We're working on that." : )


  1. I love that! I am going to adapt that into my everyday vocabulary. :o) Thanks

  2. I often struggle with how to deal with certain behaviours without making an excuse for the unacceptable behaviour. Thank you for this great advice! That picture is gorgeous! I think it's wonderful to be able to capture those "working on that" moments!

  3. That is very helpful! And the hard thing is she is still just so cute! I know, I know I'm not supposed to say that... :)

  4. Your title has been running through my head since yesterday. It's a good reminder in the middle of tough times with a child, that they are still a work in progress. Sometimes I get discouraged that we still haven't "arrived" with perfectly trained kids, and have to continue to work on some of the same issues, over and over again. Thanks for a positive way to phrase something that isn't so positive. (bad behavior, attitude, etc.)

  5. So glad the Lord has used this to bless you. That was my prayer. : ) Rebecca

  6. And Kristi~ yep, keeping a straight face is often difficult. When I saw this photo I cracked up to myself for a bit before I had Lydia look at it and talk about it with me. ; )