Friday, May 9, 2008


When I was a little girl Mom was the prettiest room mother at school, the best ice skater at the Brownie field trip (um... and she really was amazing!), the one who could make a boo boo better with a little smiley face on the hand in addition to a band-aid on the knee.

She was the kind who always handled a glass of spilled milk with grace and kindness, who gave snacks- with milk (even though I'd always spill it), she was the grower of beautiful roses who always had room in her heart and in her car to bring a neighbor kid to church.

~ circa 1982 ~
from left to right: Me, Mom, Elizabeth and youngest sister Dale (at Mom's knee)

When dad left, mom was the one who demonstrated God's strength in her weakness. As I watched God rebuild brokenness and provide when things seemed hopeless~ seed was watered in my heart.

When I became a teenager, mom was the one who came between me and my flesh, both physically and in prayer. And I began to see God answering her prayers and thwarting my godless plans. The same spirited mom who pushed me to the top reading group in Elementary school was holding her ground with me. Seemingly alone, but not alone.

Today, Mom is still amazing me. Now she is Grammie to my girls. She is a woman of grace who continually speaks to them of God's grace. She's the one who always says "yes" to playing air hockey, Monopoly, helping with math or reading a book. And just in case you run out of things to ask, rest assured Grammie has pre-prepared crafts and activities tucked smartly away in her bag.

~ April 2008 Mom with my daughters ~
from left to right: Lydia, Sarah, Hailey, Mom, Faith, Michaela

She comes on every homeschool field trip, takes care of me after every baby is born, sends cards and letters to the girls, is our biggest supporter in whatever we are doing and prays for each one of us everyday.

In her spare time she teaches government school kids about Jesus in an after school program every week, she works in the church office, is active in her church body, and seems to always be praying for someone~ someone new at church who will call on her cell phone or someone who is having a crisis in the pool at the YMCA.

I am so thankful that she is my mom. God has truly blessed me and my family with her.

Happy Mother's Day Mom. You are amazing!


  1. What a beautiful post.

    I dream of being a grandma (many years away, of course) just like your mom.


  2. What a lovely tribute your beautiful mother!

  3. What beautiful thoughts of your Mother! Such an amazing blessing! Through reading your blog I know that she has passed on much wisdom to you and you in turn are passing it onto your girls. Thank you for taking the time to share some of that wisdom with us too. Blessings and grace to you!

  4. Very sweet! She sounds like a keeper :) Also, I think you need more "circa 1980something" pictures... Just a thought.

  5. Thanks ladies. I dream of being a grandma like her too~ and not having to quietly count to 10 before I can be gracious when someone spills their milk. : )

    Circa 1980 eh Kristi? Sounds like you want to see some crazy hair styles. That'll take a little digging.


  6. Your mom is absolutely beautiful! How sweet that picture is of her and the girls.