Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This made me smile today...

I am doing the final photo proofing from the charity carnival and I ran across this picture. Every time I look at it I smile. This is my niece Katelyn. Isn't she adorable?


The cake that Katelyn is holding was made by me for the cake walk event at the carnival.

You do know what a cake walk is, don't you? Well... the cake walk was only one of the finest Terrell Elementary School carnival events of ALL time (Go Tigers!).

It was a chance to win your very own cake! For those who dared to dream big- including most every adult- this is what you looked forward to each year at Terrell Elementary's carnival days. Who wouldn't file up and hand over a ticket for a chance to win your very own cake?

Now, the cake walk may have been the only event my sister Liz ever won at the Terrell carnival and, due to that very important fact, she was bitten by what I'd like to call "the cakewalk bug."

She loves cake walks.

She dreams cake walks.

And this year as she and her babes managed the cake walk booth at the Riverbend Ranch carnival, her cake walk experience had come full circle.

Now she had the power to hand out entire cakes.

Just so you know, winners of a cake walk are normally selected randomly, by calling out a number drawn from a hat, but if we could have awarded for cake walking style- I definitely would have voted for my nephew Joshua:


Okay, so back to my cake.

I was excited to make cakes for the cake walk. I had visions of super cute carnival cakes~ designed with gummy animals riding on candy sticks like merry go round horses. My visions were grandiose to say the least.

Had I ever really decorated cakes before? Not really. Just the simple frosting and sprinkle stuff, but I'm a mom of five kids. How hard could it be?

Well, hard as I tried, the gummy creatures wouldn't stay glued to my candy sticks, I was afraid to even try piping frosting out of tubes and the gum balls kept falling off the sides.

As I explained my plight- and how the cake was supposed to look- Tom and I just couldn't stop laughing. My cake was looking worse and worse by the moment.

In my disappointment Tom scooted me out of the kitchen, told me to take a shower, put on my PJ's and relax. He would frost the last cake. Ooookaaaaayyyy... and I headed off.

Had he ever frosted a cake before? No, but he had built a house- it couldn't be harder than that...

Let's just say we ended up buying cakes on the way to the carnival.

This cake was the one and only homemade cake that made it from our kitchen to the carnival.

We hoped nobody would ask where this little cake had come from.

It was all behind us now.

That was until Lydia won the cake walk...

Then it came back home.


Please remember to pray for "Mighty Joe." Thank you. : )


  1. I love this post, Rebecca! Thanks for the laugh this morning :)

  2. Awesome Kenj. I thought we all might need a laugh today. : ) Love to you! Rebecca

  3. my youngest won so many at my parent's church last Halloween, they made her stop playing. that kid is sooo lucky, haha!

  4. How funny Shelly! Blessings to you! Rebecca

  5. Oh, I didn't know that! Your cake was truly darling. I think darling runs in the family as the two cousins shown are just that :)

  6. Best Blog Post Ever!!!

    I love love loved the cake walk. And if memory serves me correctly I wasn't the only one bitten by the Terrell Carnival bug eh "Pocket Lady"?

    BTW ~those kids are so adorable! Maybe you might get to spend some extra special time with them soon. :-)

    Love you ~

  7. Rebecca,
    I am so sorry, I meant to write you back as soon as I downloaded the program. I found out that I was not scrolling down far enough to where the right download was :-)

    Thank you for the compliment on the letters. Here's what I do: I use a print program to print out the letters in the font and size I want (Times New Roman Size:560 Color:Gray 40%) onto white card stock. I then use an X-Acto knife to cut them out and paste them onto a second piece of card stock gray side down (this way the gray side will not show when they're facing the right way), and then trace over them again with the knife. Super easy and fun to do.

    I'm not sure why Xanga was not allowing you to comment, it has little fits every so often, thanks again for letting me use the photo of your little redhead!

  8. No way!!! Terrell? I had no idea y'all went there! Me too!


  9. Awww... thanks Kristi. I think darling runs in your family too my dear.

    Um, Liz. I am sure no one wants to hear the story of the pocket lady. : ) But we sure are passing our "carnival" loves onto our kids, aren't we?

    Hi Dani- glad you got my comment and link. : )

    MB! How did I not guess you went to Terrell when you went to Gunderson? Funny! Are you coming on the 12th?


  10. I'd like to come . . . I'll email you.