Thursday, March 5, 2009

February Moments

There are some seasons that seem to make wings and fly away. That has certainly been the case this month. But within the incredible busyness there have been moments that impress the heart and refresh the soul.

Moments spent walking with one of my best friends and daily moments to carry and spend time with some of my other best friends.

Photo shoot moments. Blessed that the Lord has woven our lives together with these talented, God honoring people.

Moments in which I remember that God provides His best in His perfect timing. After years of prayer and waiting, the older girls have finally begun taking piano instruction. How we love our sweet, Christian teacher and her family!

And, of course, moments to be stretched and molded by God's grace.

I want to thank you for your e-mail, links over and comments this week. In those, we received another request for book suggestions for older girls. Because Mama has been short on time, the older girls have taken up the task and typed a list of their favorite books (Mama approved of course)! So, this next post is courtesy of the girls. Hooray!

May you continue to experience God's richest blessings as you as you lead little hearts home!



  1. These photos (once again!) are so beautiful Rebecca. How I wish I could meet you in real life :) I feel a kindred connection to you and your precious girls.
    Have a very blessed week! :)

  2. I also love the photos, and love the Girlhood Companion I discovered through you. I've now got friends subscribing as well!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comments ladies. You are a blessing.