Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enjoying It

Years ago, while shopping I remember older moms greeting me; wanting to peek at the new baby in the carrier and to remember back to the same season when they had little ones.

Every conversation always seemed to end in the same way: "Enjoy it, they grow up too fast!" they would say. To which I would always reply, "I am!" with a smile. But often, as I would walk away I was also thinking, "Really? The time seems to be dragging! I can't wait to talk through things with this little one; play games; read books."

Our first little baby turned 12 this month.

We are still enjoying it.

Only difference: we understand exactly what those older moms were saying.


1. Hailey just turned one!
2. Lydia slightly off Maker's Diet for the celebration of Faith's 12th birthday. :)
3. Tom waiting in line for the bumper cars with his daughters that fulfilled the height requirement.
4. Hooray for Marine World!


  1. Wonderful post!!!!!! I wish that someone would have told me to enjoy it all with our first. I find myself much more aware of this very thing as we have had more children. Every moment is so precious, even the ordinary ones. I wish more people would think like this. thank you for sharing!!!!!

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    I loved your blog.Beatiful family,pictures and great idea.

    Sorry,I don't write english very well.I started my english course next year.

    From São Paulo-Brasil