Saturday, April 25, 2009


I don't know about you, but it seems that when it comes to worship time with the kids my mind goes blank. Everyone can pick a song, but somehow we all seem to know one song collectively when we are on the spot.

I certainly don't think this is the most high tech solution (I have one friend that cues up MP3's on her laptop), but I'm a pen and paper type of gal, so a homemade binder with pre-typed songs in page protectors works for me.

Following Colossians 3:16 and other passages, we enjoy psalms, hymns and spiritual songs~ especially if the first few get us up off the couch and moving!

"I will call upon the Lord.
Who is worthy to be praised.
So shall I be saved from my enemies.
I will call upon the Lord..."

"The Lord liveth and blessed be my Rock
and let the God of my salvation be exalted.
The Lord liveth and blessed be my Rock
and let the God of my salvation be exalted."

"Leaning, Leaning,
Safe and Secure from all alarms,
Leaning, Leaning,
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms..."

Before you are tempted to be impressed in any way, remember this is to replace what wasn't working~ Mama trying to think on the spot and forgetting all the fun ones. ; )

May the Lord encourage you as you lead little hearts home!

Photos: The cousins were here for the weekend while their parents worked at the CHEA homeschool convention. It was great to have these little ones in our home; hearing them pray, play and be fun kiddos in general.


  1. Do you do worship at home with your kids every day...or a few times a week? What a great idea! My babies are a little young to do any singing on their own yet, but like you'll come waaaay too fast! :)

  2. NO JOKE...This is a direct answer to prayer!!! The other day the Lord told me we needed to start a worship time with the kids. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  3. Andrea~ The goal is daily worship and Bible reading. The Lord has been impressing on my heart that the Word must dwell in us richly (Col. 3:16) not just sprinkled on top and we must be encouraging each other daily with song.

    Just a thought, my friend Wendy said she would do her daily reading with her babies near her on the couch. Now they join her with their Bibles. : )

    Too Many Kids in the Bathtub~ Praise God! He seems to be speaking to us about the same thing!


  4. Would you be willing to share your song sheets? Our little girl is 20 months old and we sing to her all the time. It would be great to have some more options to add to our repertoire.

    I love your blog and am touched by your convictions to be such a strong model for your kids.

  5. Thanks for sharing... I love your blog!! We have a similar binder as well, and Daddy (occasionally Mommy) plays guitar. This morning, our 4 year old was playing the toy guitar along with Daddy, the 5 year old had the "piano" (toy keyboard), and the 2 year old had a shaker egg. Great fun.

  6. So heart warming Hestermom. Thanks for sharing that. : )

    We're still working on it Iowa Birdie, but I'll try to give an update in the future. Thank you!

    : )

  7. What a wonderful idea! I think "mommy brain" is going around because I forget songs often. This binder would help with this a great deal. =)

  8. Rebecca - If you could send me the text only (email), I could transfer them into song sheets. Just a thought. :) I will appreciate anything! :)

  9. Sure Iowa Birdie. : ) Just catching up from a wonderful week away at Homeschool Family Camp. You'll be hearing from me.